Who are we ?

Or rather who I am?
I call myself Guillaume and I am the sole manager of this online store.

I am above all a great enthusiast of astronomy and more particularly astrophotography. I have been practicing this discipline for ten years.

The associative environment is very important for me and I would never recommend enough to get closer to a club above all.

You may not know it, but equipment reseller for astronomy is not my main job.
The idea of opening this online store came to me some time after the opening of my YouTube channel dedicated to astronomy which is called Astronote. Some may know me through this.

Seeing more and more people ask me for advice and always seeing me go from site to site to respond to requests, the idea came to me, why not offer the products of my store!?

And the start of this adventure begins ...

A new company ...

So I set up a company called Astro Univers and the site that goes with it.
The goal here is not to offer the maximum of products, no! The goal is to offer a service and accessories that I would recommend to anyone but in a price panel allowing to satisfy a maximum of people.
You will therefore find a wide range of products, from the smallest telescope, to the CCD CURCH CURCH.

Visual and photo.

All for our common passion.

Good sky to all

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