Reference: ZWEAF-S

Brand: ZWO

Moteur de mise au point ZWO EAF V2

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ZWO a l'art de proposer des équipements de qualité et pas cher. Si vous cherchez à faire votre mise au point en automatique ou par commande électrique, alors ce robofocus est fait pour vous!

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Reference: POA-URANUS-C

Brand: Player One

Caméra Uranus-C (IMX585) Color - Player One

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Uranus-C is (IMX585) camera developed by Player One Astronomy, which adopts the newest Sony IMX585 1/1.2” format color sensor. The 2.9um pixel size accommodates a well depth of 38.8Ke with a total of 8.3MP  (the resolution is 3856*2180), and the diagonal is 12.85mm.

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Reference: ZWASI120MINI

Brand: ZWO

Caméra ZWO ASI120mini Monochrome

Review(s): 2

Une petite caméra idéale pour le guidage mais aussi pour l'imagerie planétaire. Cette version monochrome la rend plus sensible et détectera sans mal les étoiles même faibles.

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Brand: ZWO

Hub Asiair plus - ZWO

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Control box, version 3 of the Asiair, for mounts, cameras, APNS Piloting through your smartphone or tablet EMMC 32GB Ultra fast disc WiFi cover up to 20m Even more compact than Asiair Pro

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Filtre CLS CCD Clip EOS
  • Filtre CLS CCD Clip EOS

CLS CCD Serie Filter - Astronomik Serie Clip Version


An ideal filter to cut light pollution thus allowing a gain in contrast in deep sky objects

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A real gain in polluted environments

The CLS CCD is suitable under light polluted skies for ASTRO defiltered then refiltered DSLR cameras. The filter improves the contrast between all deep sky objects and the background.

The CLS-CCD filter improves the contrast between astronomical objects and the background. Due to the wider transmission curve compared to UHC filters, more light will pass the filter. The stars will be less dim. This filter has been optimized to block as much stray light as possible and simultaneously provide the best performance for “useful” light. A good filter for black-and-white photography with DSLR, CCD, and film, as well as for observing deep-sky objects with telescopes or camera lenses of all f/2 apertures and above.

⚠️ CLS or CLS-CCD: CDL-CCD filters block IR, so they will be more suitable for use on cameras without IR filtration such as total defiltered cameras or CCD cameras ⚠️

Main use

The filter completely blocks the emission lines of artificial light sources such as street lamps (eg sodium and mercury vapor) as well as air glow. All “important” emission lines as well as the spectral range of the night-adapted eye are exceeded. The additional IR blocking layer allows the use of DSLRs and webcams without an integrated IR block filter.
Other uses

  • Easier resolution of double stars.
  • With the EOS-Clip model, photography with DSLR cameras is possible even in extreme light pollution conditions without changing the white balance.
  • The 1.25" and 2" socket models can be used for observations from light polluted areas.
  • If you plan to create color images from emission line data, our CLS-CCD filter is an excellent choice for the luminance channel


  • Visual observation (dark sky): good, to reduce light pollution from mercury vapor lamps (public lighting)
  • Visual observation (urban sky): Reasonable, a UHC-E or UHC filter is more suitable
  • Film photography: very good, the color balance is almost perfect
  • CCD photography: very good, optimized rejection of light pollution
  • DSLR photography (original): good, color balance shifted but contrast improved
  • DSLR photography (astro modified): Very good, the color balance is almost perfect
  • DSLR photography (MC modified): Very good, color balance is almost perfect
  • Webcam / video (planets): not suitable
  • Webcam / Video (Deep Sky): Very good, if light pollution is a big problem

Technical data

  • 95% transmission at 486 nm (H-beta)
  • 95% transmission at 496 nm (OIII)
  • 95% transmission at 501 nm (OIII)
  • 97% transmission at 656 nm (H-alpha)
  • switch from 450 to 520nm and from 640 to 690nm
  • Parfocal with other Astronomik filters
  • Glass thickness: 1mm
  • Fully resistant to high humidity, scratches and the effects of aging
  • Diffraction limited, the filter will not reduce the optical performance of your telescope!
  • Astronomik filters come in a high quality, durable filter housing

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AsiAir compatible ZWO cable for 2 heating resistors RCA connectors

CLS CCD Serie Filter - Astronomik Serie Clip Version

An ideal filter to cut light pollution thus allowing a gain in contrast in deep sky objects

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