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Moteur de mise au point ZWO EAF V2

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ZWO a l'art de proposer des équipements de qualité et pas cher. Si vous cherchez à faire votre mise au point en automatique ou par commande électrique, alors ce robofocus est fait pour vous!

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Reference: ZWASI120MINI

Brand: ZWO

Caméra ZWO ASI120mini Monochrome

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Une petite caméra idéale pour le guidage mais aussi pour l'imagerie planétaire. Cette version monochrome la rend plus sensible et détectera sans mal les étoiles même faibles.

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APO 108mm F5.6 FRA600 with integrated corrector - ASKAR


Askar FRA600 108mm F/5.6 Refractor - 108mm FRA600 F/ 5.6 Quintuplet Refractor with a corrected field of 66mm with integrated corrector

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In short:

  •     Apeture 108mm
  •     Focal length 600mm / focal ratio f/5.6
  •     5-element quintuple design with in-tube corrector
  •     Two ED glasses in the lens for very good correction of chromatic aberration
  •     66mm image circle with full illumination and correction
  •     140mm working distance for visual observation or focal length reduction
  •     Stable 4" dual-speed RAP focuser with 360° rotation
  •     2" and 1.25" receptacles as well as M68x1 external thread for screw adaptations
  •     Losmandy style flexible dovetail bar
  •     Classic seeker support

Askar FRA600 Refractor

Askar has a new refractor, currently the largest in the Quintuplet series, the FRA600 108mm.
This instrument is largely dedicated to demanding astrophotographers.

Thanks to this air-spaced quintuplet and its integrated corrector, the field is corrected up to 66mm diagonal without adding any other equipment. As soon as you have the focus, the correction is optimal!!

This new APO guarantees exceptional chromatic correction thanks to Sharpstar's precise and manic construction.
The image is unaffected by chromatic aberration and remains high contrast.

The FRA600 refractor is Askar's flagship product, you won't find this product with the same features at a lower price!

Improved mechanics

The highly precise mechanics guarantee universal application in all astronomical fields and extreme job satisfaction.

In addition to the improved optics, the FRA600 also offers improved mechanics that leave nothing to chance, in this way the performance of this APO can also be fully exploited in astrophotography.

The aPO Qintuplet FPL53 with multi-coated air-spaced treatment on each optical surface, makes the optical quality very good with no chromatic aberration even at maximum magnification.

The lens of this apochromat is composed of an air-spaced triplet composed by elements supplied by the famous Ohara (made in Japan), the central element consists of glass and Ohara Superapo-Fpl53.

The state-of-the-art optical train enables precise correction across the entire wavelength range.

4" Rotating R&P Eyepiece Holder

This refractor uses a completely new range of 4" focuser, with integrated 360° rotator to always keep the target in the correct position, thanks to the rack & pinion system, the focuser can withstand very heavy loads without problems of twist.

The 1:10 gear ratio mechanism provides precise focus and is ideal for astrophotography.


  • Type: Flatfield APO refractor
  • Aperture: 108 mm
  • Focal length: 600 mm
  • Focal ratio: f/5.6
  • Optical design: 5-element design according to Petzval
  • Objective: 3-element objective with 2 special glasses
  • Corrector: 2-element corrector built into the tube
  • Illuminated image field:    66 mm diameter with full correction
  • Focuser: 4" focuser with reduction
  • Focuser travel: 80 mm
  • Thread in the draw tube: M100x1 inside
  • Rotation adapter: M100x1 male to M90x1 mal, 25 mm opt. path
  • 2" adapter: M90x1 female to 2" female, 27 mm opt. path
  • 1.25" adapter: 2" male to 1.25" female, 10 mm opt. path
  • Dew shield: Slide in for transport
  • Diameter dew shield: 148 mm
  • Tube diameter: 125 mm
  • Length OTA: 50 cm min.
  • Length OTA: 56.5 cm with the dew shield extended
  • Weight OTA: 7.9 kg including tube rings, dovetail bar and handle
  • Threaded holes in the tube rings (left, right, top, bottom): 1/4 "UNC in the middle, 2x M6 with 25 mm spacing, 2x M6 with 50 mm spacing
  • Thread on the tube: M121x1 female thread - this is where the focuser and corrector are connected
  • Dimensions transport case: 58.5 x 33 x 29 cm (LxWxH)
  • Weight transport case: 5 kg
Product Details

Data sheet

Rapport F/D
Porte Oculaire
M90x1, M54x0.75, M48x0.75
Oculaires inlus
Taille (cm)
56.5 avec pare buée
Poids (Kg)
Diamètre du pare Buée: 148mm
Pleine illumination

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APO 108mm F5.6 FRA600 with integrated corrector - ASKAR

Askar FRA600 108mm F/5.6 Refractor - 108mm FRA600 F/ 5.6 Quintuplet Refractor with a corrected field of 66mm with integrated corrector

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