Reference: ZWEAF-S

Brand: ZWO

Moteur de mise au point ZWO EAF V2

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ZWO a l'art de proposer des équipements de qualité et pas cher. Si vous cherchez à faire votre mise au point en automatique ou par commande électrique, alors ce robofocus est fait pour vous!

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Reference: POA-URANUS-C

Brand: Player One

Caméra Uranus-C (IMX585) Color - Player One

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Uranus-C is (IMX585) camera developed by Player One Astronomy, which adopts the newest Sony IMX585 1/1.2” format color sensor. The 2.9um pixel size accommodates a well depth of 38.8Ke with a total of 8.3MP  (the resolution is 3856*2180), and the diagonal is 12.85mm.

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Reference: ZWASI120MINI

Brand: ZWO

Caméra ZWO ASI120mini Monochrome

Review(s): 2

Une petite caméra idéale pour le guidage mais aussi pour l'imagerie planétaire. Cette version monochrome la rend plus sensible et détectera sans mal les étoiles même faibles.

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Brand: ZWO

Hub Asiair plus - ZWO

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Control box, version 3 of the Asiair, for mounts, cameras, APNS Piloting through your smartphone or tablet EMMC 32GB Ultra fast disc WiFi cover up to 20m Even more compact than Asiair Pro

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TS-Optics 90 mm f/5 Quintuplet Flatfield APO Refractor Telescope


The apochromatic 5-element refractor with 90 mm aperture and powerful f/5 is ideal for astrophotography with powerful cameras.

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  • Aperture 90 mm - focal length 450 mm - focal ratio f/5
  • Air-spaced FPL53 triplet objective - no relevant chromatic aberration
  • High-quality 2-element ED corrector, permanently installed in the tube
  • 100% illuminated and fully corrected image field to full format
  • Freedom from reflexes due to optimized lens positions and best possible coating of the lenses
  • High-quality 3.2" R&P focuser with M63x1 and M48x0.75 connections on the camera side
  • Connection thread for 2" nebula filter is integrated in the focuser
  • High-quality design with CNC tube rings and EQ5 style dovetail bar
  • Multi-function handle - can also be used as a base for guiding scopes or piggyback camera mounts

TS 90 mm f/5 Quintuplet Apo with full image field correction beyond full frame size format

The 90 mm f/5 quintuplett has been developed for astrophotography with large, but also high-resolution sensors as used in modern astro cameras and system cameras. The image is free of annoying chromatic aberrations and reflections with very good sharpness over the entire image field.

With about 5.2 kg and only 36 cm transport length, the telescope is very compact and even suitable for air travel. We recommend a mount of the EQ5 class or an even more stable one as base.

Other features and benefits of the 90 mm f/5 quintuplet:

  • The corrector is fixed in the tube, as soon as you have focused the camera, you are automatically at the right distance for an optimal field correction.
  • The 3.7" focuser is supplied with an extension from M63x1 to M48x0.75 with a screw-in option for 2" filters.
  • Tilting mechanism with push and pull screws to compensate for a misalignment of the camera sensor for perfect edge stars.
  • Every 90 mm quintuplet apo is optically and mechanically checked before dispatch at Teleskop-Service.


  • Optical design:    5-element APO refractor with field flattening
  • Lens:    3-element FPL53 triplet with air gap
  • Image field:    Fully illuminated and corrected image field with 48 mm diameter
  • Focuser:    3,2" R&P focuser with 360° rotation and tilting device
  • Connection thread:    M63x1 internal thread and M48x0.75 external thread
  • Tube length:    358 mm with retracted dew shield
  • Dew shield:    can be extended (80 mm)
  • Weight:    5.3 kg with tube rings, dovetail bar and carrying handle 5,3 kg avec anneaux tubulaires, barre en queue d'aronde et poignée de transport
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APO 72mm F5.6 FRA400 with integrated corrector- ASKAR

TS-Optics 90 mm f/5 Quintuplet Flatfield APO Refractor Telescope

The apochromatic 5-element refractor with 90 mm aperture and powerful f/5 is ideal for astrophotography with powerful cameras.

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Reference: TSAPO71Q

Brand: TSOptics

Lunette 70mm F/5 TSQ - TSOPTICS Quadruplet correction intégrée

Review(s): 1

Les nouvelles gammes de lunettes APO "Q" de chez Télescope service sont justes exceptionnelles. Fini les prises de tête de calcul de backfocus, ici le correcteur est directement intégré à la lunette et vous donnera une correction parfaite dès lors que vous avez une mise au point correct.

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Reference: AS-140APO

Brand: ASKAR - Sharpstar

140APO F7 Triplet - ASKAR

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Whether you're an amateur astronomer or a professional astrophotographer, the Askar 140APO will provide you with a high-quality user experience and help you go deeper into the mysteries of the universe.

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Reference: X000071

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Vixen FL55ss Fluorite Refractor

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The FL55ss is a high-performance, top-of-the-range fluorite apochromat that produces razor-sharp images of the night sky. Thanks to its compact dimensions and lightweight design, it is the perfect travel companion for demanding astronomers.

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Reference: SS-61EDPHV3

Brand: ASKAR - Sharpstar

APO 61EDPH V3 F4.5 - Sharpstar

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The 61EDPH series has long been popular with astrophotography amateurs, in order to have a better user experience for users, Sharpstar has optimized the 61EDPHI Ⅱ and launched a new version - 61EDPH Ⅲ. 

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Reference: AS-FMA180PRO

Brand: ASKAR - Sharpstar

Lunette FMA180 F4.5 PRO - ASKAR

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FMA180 pro is similar to the FMA180 in optical design. The objective lens features a sextuplet air-spaced APO design and includes two pieces of ED (extra-low dispersion) glass, providing excellent correction of chromatic aberration. In addition to visual observations, the FMA180 pro is specially optimized for strophotography. Compared to FMA180, FMA180...

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Reference: AS-ASKARV

Brand: ASKAR - Sharpstar

APO Multi diameter and focale (Ø60 - Ø80mm) ASKAR V - ASKAR

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Askar V is a newly launched product concerning our customers’ needs. It comes out with a big innovation, which means it has not only two objective lens (60mm and 80mm), but also three accessories (reducer, flattener, and extender). Users can choose and adapt accessories according to their needs in focal lengths.

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