Reference: ZWEAF-S

Brand: ZWO

Moteur de mise au point ZWO EAF V2

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ZWO a l'art de proposer des équipements de qualité et pas cher. Si vous cherchez à faire votre mise au point en automatique ou par commande électrique, alors ce robofocus est fait pour vous!

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Reference: ZWASI120MINI

Brand: ZWO

Caméra ZWO ASI120mini Monochrome

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Une petite caméra idéale pour le guidage mais aussi pour l'imagerie planétaire. Cette version monochrome la rend plus sensible et détectera sans mal les étoiles même faibles.

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Brand: ZWO

Hub Asiair plus - ZWO

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Control box, version 3 of the Asiair, for mounts, cameras, APNS Piloting through your smartphone or tablet EMMC 32GB Ultra fast disc WiFi cover up to 20m Even more compact than Asiair Pro

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Reference: POA-URANUS-C

Brand: Player One

Caméra Uranus-C (IMX585) Color - Player One

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Uranus-C is (IMX585) camera developed by Player One Astronomy, which adopts the newest Sony IMX585 1/1.2” format color sensor. The 2.9um pixel size accommodates a well depth of 38.8Ke with a total of 8.3MP  (the resolution is 3856*2180), and the diagonal is 12.85mm.

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Hypergraphe 130mm F2.8 Whith corrector - Sharpstar


Sharpstar flat -field hyperbolic astrographer with a 130 mm opening and a quick focal ratio f/2.8

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  • Opening 130 mm / focal length 364 mm / Focal ratio f / 2.8
  • Perfectly suitable for mobile astrophotography with modern high -resolution digital cameras
  • Ideal for cameras to APS-C and with flat, even full format
  • Hyperbolic primary mirror 130 mm in diameter
  • 2 elements corrector with an ED element
  • Modern update with rack and 2.5 "double -speed gable
  • The working distance of the M48X0.75 camera thread is 55 mm
  • Filter 2 "thread to connect fog filters is included in the reduction adapter to M48
  • Carbon tube for optimal support for the focusing position - offers better stability of focus than a metal tube
  • Secondary support in stable metal with adjustment screw

Shapstar hyperbolic astrographer 130 mm - f/2.8

With the hypergraph 130, Sharpstar has created a telescope for mobile astrophotography. With a tube length of less than 40 centimeters, the "small" hypergraph slips even in aerial luggage.
On the sky, however, the performance is remarkable. The Fast Focal Focal Report of F/2.8 allows you to properly expose an object in a single night, or even to focus on several objects.

The 2-element corrector offers a very good field correction with complete lighting beyond the APS-C format. With a flat, you can even use full -format cameras.

The 55 mm working distance of the M48 thread on the carriage carrier allows easy adaptation of all common astro cameras, digital reflex and system cameras.

The advantages and characteristics of Sharpstar hypergraphs at a glance:

  • Optics optimized for astrophotography with high resolution throughout the usable image field.
  • Carbon tube for much better stability of focus than a metal tube. No need to readjust the focus when the temperature changes. The images are clearer.
  • The secondary mirror is integrated with the offset (offset) required, the image field lighting is more uniform.
  • Despite the extreme focal ratio, the telescope is collimative and it maintains collimation during transport.
  • The eye door has been further improved and now allows an even better development. It perfectly maintains the focusing position, even over a long period of time.
  • The double -speed focus is already integrated, which is also necessary with the extreme focal ratio of F/2.8.
  • Transport handle with mounting surface for search shoe
  • Easy adaptation of the camera via the M48X0.75 connecting thread of the carriage carrier. The working distance is 55 mm.

Simple adaptation of the camera via the screw of the carriage carrier

With such a resolution and rapid optics, a screwed adaptation of the camera is necessary. This prevents the inclination and therefore the stars blurred on the edge.

The R & P 2.5 "R & P 2,5" M48X0.75 rowing holder in addition to the M63X0.75 female thread. The working distance of this thread is exactly 55 mm. This corresponds, for example, exactly the distance required by A SLR camera and the corresponding TA adapter. The Astro cameras, such as those of Zwo, are also already provided with an adapter kit for M48, which exactly takes this distance into account.


  •     Design: hyperbolic astrograph with flat field with corrector
  •     Opening: 130 mm
  •     Focal distance: 364 mm
  •     Primary mirror type : hyperbolic reflective mirror
  •     Primary mirror material : Pz33 (similar to the pyrex glass)
  •     Corrector: Lentils with two elements spaced air (including an ed)
  •     Small axis of the secondary mirror: 65 mm
  •     Image circle : 44mm
  •     Focal report: F/2.8
  •     Camera support: male thread M48x0.75
  •     Working distance: 55 mm from male thread M48X0.75
  •     Eye connection: 1,25 "via adapter
  •     Tube material: carbon
  •     Tube length: 390 mm
  •     Weight: 4 kg incl. Annaux

Elements delivered:

  •      Optical tube
  •      CNC tube rings with Losmandy style spawn bar
  •      Additional GP/EQ5 style
  •      Transport handle
  •      1.25 "eye adapter
  •      Allen key for adjustment
  •      Key for the M48 adapter
  •      Dust caps
  •      Transport case

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Filter Optolong L-eXtreme - Serie

Hypergraphe 130mm F2.8 Whith corrector - Sharpstar

Sharpstar flat -field hyperbolic astrographer with a 130 mm opening and a quick focal ratio f/2.8

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